Nicole Garcia

Nicole is a junior studying Communication.

She started with the store her first quarter at UC Davis as a visual merchandising intern. The unit was very understaffed at the time, and so Nicole took on more responsibilities and eventually progressed to her role as director, which she’s held since June 2015. She loves the leadership challenges involved in her role and hopes to pursue leadership as a career.

As director, Nicole oversees all internal and external operations of the store and leads the management team. She sets the overarching vision for the unit and works closely with ASUCD.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys photography, graphic design, and reading.

Marketing Lead

Miuccia Halim

Miuccia is a junior studying Managerial Economics and Communication.

During her first two years of college, Miuccia frequented the store because she loved how Aggie Reuse promoted environmentalism and provided students with the opportunity to be part of a tight knit community and gain professional experience. She took the chance and applied for Marketing Lead during her second year, and now she is part of the Aggie Reuse family.

As Marketing Lead, she works with the Marketing and Social Media interns to envision and communicate the Aggie Reuse image using a variety of small and large scale marketing efforts.

She enjoys running outdoors, working out at the gym, and making new friends from around the world.

Store Manager

Lauren Cabantac

Lauren is a sophomore studying Managerial Economics.

Lauren first got involved with the Aggie Reuse Store during her first year — she would visit the store after class at Rock Hall and peruse the photo slide racks for gifts for her friends back home. She applied to be part of both of the Sales and the Marketing & Outreach teams since she loves interacting with people.

As store manager, she primarily focuses on the optimization and organization of the Aggie Reuse workplace, which is further developed by learning and trying to understand what motivates our interns to perform to the best of their abilities — all the while promoting the idea of creative reuse and sustainability!

Lauren has over fifty rabbit stuffed animals and collects snow globes from all over the world! In her free time, she likes to explore local businesses or go for a drive or bike ride around town.

Assistant Store Manager

Vivian Le

Vivian is a junior studying Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.

Joining Aggie Reuse was a spontaneous decision for her last year. Since Vivian was an arts and crafts enthusiast, the position as an up cycler piqued her curiosity and she grew to absolutely love the art of creative reuse.

As Assistant Store Manager, Vivian plans sales projections with the Store Manager, guiding the sales team toward meeting store goals through strategic analysis, and fostering team cohesiveness through socials. She also leads the upcycling team, in which she oversees craft workshops and projects that the interns plan and create.

Vivian enjoys taking long walks outdoors, novel reading, crafting, knitting warm scarves, and creative writing.